Client: Flowing Rhythm
Contractor: Dr. Ranji Varghese

This was a one-page web development project for Dr. Ranji Varghese, a sleep and respiratory physician based out of Minneapolis, MN. At the time of our initial conversation, Dr. Ranji did not have a live site available, so the project evolved from the ground up. The process began with some initial layout ideas which in turn became the basis for a responsive one-page layout. Rather than move forward with a traditional multi-page website, I was able to convince Dr.Ranji to consider a more modern one-page layout due to the minimal amount of content available. Additionally, I provided copy writing for several sections of the site in order to expand more on his capabilities and procedures. I was also commissioned to create branding assets in the from of a new logo and an animated banner which was created in After Effects based on Dr. Ranji’s ideas and input.


Client: Atria
Contractor: Eric & Fedra Meredith

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