Client: Covidien
Contractor: Tim Stutts

Although the majority of the work that I create as a developer falls under web or application development, I do on occasion get a chance to flex my sound design muscles from time to time. Such was the case when I was contracted to produce a set of tones that would be primarily used in medical equipment for Covidien. The tones were created over several weeks and multiple rounds of testing to make sure they fell within spec limits.

While I consider myself a technically proficient sound engineer, I was surprised at how much effort would eventually go into designing something as simple as a tone that is less than half a second long. However, when you consider that these small bits of audio are going to be in a machine that is literally saving lives and must be audible not just in terms of amplitude but also to denote a recognizable event from large distances away, it gives you a deeper sense of appreciation for sound design.

One of largest hurdles I experienced during the creation of these tones was calculating the attack length of the audio. Due to limitations within the application I used to design the tones, I was forced to create a formula that allowed me to calculate an accurate attack length based on percentages and eventually managed to finalize each tone within the limits outlined in the specifications manual.





Client: Lordx
Contractor: Tim Stutts

Lordx is the moniker of Tim Stutts, a prolific designer and electronic musician who has been making music since the early 2k’s. Tim and I met around 2010 after moving to Barcelona under similar circumstances. During that time, we lived somewhat parallel lives having to integrate into a new social network, and we quickly struck up a friendship. With shared passions for programming and making music, our discussions eventually turned into a handful of collaborative efforts. This is how I came to master several of his albums over the course of 5 years, including Vision released in 2011, Besides released in 2014,  and Uncharted in 2015.

You can learn more about Lordx and listen to his music here.


Client: Arc of Doves
Contractor: Quietus Recordings

Arc of Doves is the alias of Tetsuya Nakamura, a minimal dub and experimental producer who has been making music since the early 2k’s. I became acquainted with Tetsuya in 2008 after listening to several of his tracks online. Around that same time, my good friend Brock Van Wey, aka bvdub, had just recently launched his Quietus Recordings label and was actively seeking out possible artists to sign on for releases. I forwarded Tetsuya’s page to Brock for consideration and suffice it to say, Brock signed Tetsuya to Quietus Recordings where he released his debut album Impressions in 2009.

During that time, Brock relied heavily on mastering services from the very talented Vincent Kwok, but due to his schedule, Vincent was unable to take on the work. I was brought in to master the album on short notice but managed to do so over the span of three days.

You can listen to and purchase Impressions at Boomkat.


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