Client: Relic Entertainment
Contractor: Ayzenberg Group

This was one of the more entertaining projects I’ve had a chance to work on over the years. When I was initially approached by the Ayzenberg Group, the project required me to provide a set of 3D vehicle model renders for Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes game. At the time of the request, they were limited to only a set of .3ds format files and needed someone with access to 3ds Max that could render the assets and provide them with a set of finalized images. Fortunately, the files came prepared with texture mapping in place and I simply brought in the files into 3ds Max and rendered the scenes to their specifications. There were only a few rounds of edits to the renders which were made in Photoshop before the final images were delivered. I believe these were used for promotional advertising as well a test run for STEAM trading cards, which are collectible cards unlocked during achievements within STEAM games.