As much as I hate to admit it, I love watching tv. Living in Spain, my wife and I tend to reserve much of our tv watching to downloaded movies and episodes of all our favorite tv series. So when my sister told me that she would be on MasterChef, I couldn’t have been more proud or excited. Last night was the season premiere of MasterChef Season 3 and sure enough, my sister made it through.

It’s funny… you’d think I would have been surprised watching my sister on tv but far from it. My sister has always had a knack for accomplishing everything she sets her mind to. When she had told me that she would be auditioning for MasterChef, the only surprise I had was wondering if she actually knew how to cook. Apparently she does.

So a few weeks back I helped create a website for her ( in anticipation of the show premiere and also to help her move forward with her plans of someday owning her own food truck. My sister is not that tech savvy so I take care of all the maintenance for the site and approve the occasional comment on her posts. This morning I woke up to check the site and noticed several comments pending as well as a post my sister made re-capping her appearance on the show. As I read through the post, I fixated a bit on the review links she provided. Gina Hall from Reality TV Magazine wrote:

“After a brief montage through the crappy cooks, we get to Monti Carlo, yeah, that’s her name. She’s a single mom with a son named Danger. Yeah, that’s his name. If a person has ever set up their life to be on a reality show, it’s this woman. The judges are split, but since she’ll make for good TV, they give her an apron.”

I particularly found it amusing that the writer would seem so surprised considering it’s a reality show and she works on a site called “REALITY TV MAGAZINE”. As if there are limits to what you can put on “reality” television. But I get it.

The truth is “Monti Carlo” has been my sister’s professional handle as a radio and media personality for over a decade. And Danger is my nephew’s name…the irony is he’s a sweetheart. He hasn’t been working that long so maybe it’ll take time for him to live up to the name.

In all fairness, it’s normal to be dismissive about things like that and easy to assume when you have no reference of who a person is or where they’ve come from. But forgive me if I roll my eyes a bit at anyone who thinks she deliberately chose her name or her son’s name in order to “set up their life to be on a reality show”. My sister, like many single moms, has endured a lot. And she has done so with class and a kind heart. She is a consummate professional and THE most passionate person I have ever met… and I’m not just saying that because I’m her brother. I’ve been with her at the lowest points of her life and she has never ever given up to make a better life for herself or her son. If there is one individual who personifies the proverb “fall down seven times, get up eight”, it’s my sister.

If you have been fortunate enough to know my sister and know her history, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you’re probably a callous writer or cynical chef who eventually will. Whatever the outcome and when all is said and done, I invite any doubter to come back and post here just so I can say I told you so.

I’m proud of you Mairym and I love you very much. – Joel

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18 Responses to So My Sister Made It To MasterChef…

  1. Winnie says:

    Excelente trabajo Mayrim! Eres una mujer y madre extraordinaria y luchadora! Vales oro! Adelante!

  2. Gregory Wright says:

    Nice! Everyone loves to jump on and judge all the contestants. The real reality is that everyone there worked hard to get there and the show uses whatever they can to make it interesting. And some people are not going to come off well. And others will come off as angels. My hats off to every one who tried and especially those who made it. I’m rooting for Monti to go far. And her blog is very cool.

  3. Dale says:

    I was there when the Z93 station GM named her “Monti” was great PR for the station and nobody ever forgot her name. So happy for her and the success she has gotten. Joel is right she is a sweetheart. She was one of the nicest people I ever worked with. I never had to deal w/ a “Diva” attitude. All I had to make sure was Monti always had a cold Guiness at certain remotes. She never complained about equipment issues, weather or anything else. She was always great to my kids when I would bring them into the station or on a remote. She puts the “Pro” in professional. She is also quite the practical joker too. I still remember and laugh about the day she brought a Psycho Clown into the studio and her co-host was deathly afraid of clowns. Next 3 minutes was him screaming and Monti laughing her ass off. I always wondered if she fell out of her chair, but never asked. Good luck Monti and congrats on all the success.

  4. kevin kistner says:

    I have had the priviledge of knowing Monti for quite a few years. I have never met a more lovely, saavy, amazing, quirky, funny, or INSPIRATIONAL Lady in my entire life. One thing I know about Monti Carlo. As strange or unbelievable or peculiar some of these things may appear on the surface, it’s the real deal. So is Monti. If there were ever a Goddess of Fortitude, she would be Monti Carlo.

  5. Maya says:

    Monti is an inspiration and good people, this writer is a dismissive snarky ‘SheKnows’ hack. Go Monti! And Danger, you just keep getting more handsome as you grow! They both deserve every success possible.

  6. Tim says:

    I just seen this on AFN in Afghanistan. Congratulations, I like to see people who actually need opportunities like these get them. Good luck

  7. Erin Van de Hey says:

    Remind me never to cross you.

  8. Kirsten says:

    I am in complete agreement that I was not surprised to see Mairym on the show. Some of my favorite memories were spent in her presence. She is committed, hard working, talented, beautiful, and I wish her the best of luck in everything she tries.

  9. Monti Carlo says:

    People will say what they will say. Some will like me, others will think I’m fake. I don’t care. I am so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life. The kind that will come over to help me pack up and move for a week straight (Kevin), or tell me to keep my chin up and give me the money I need to make ends meet even though they are struggling too (Joel) Tim thank you for your service. Maya, Dale, Greg THANK YOU. I am truly blessed.

  10. Vanessa says:

    I don’t watch much t.v., but couldn’t help look up the show on youtube when I heard Mairym was on it. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in her presence, but this is how I remember her. Beautiful, smart and always going out there and doing great things! Love seeing her challenge herself in a new direction. I expect soon to know her as Materchef Monti Carlo!

  11. rik says:

    Monti is amazing.. partly her talent and partly her personality..
    I have three that i think are the most talented from that show.. and she is one of those three… who does she think are good competitors? or has she become friends with any of them?

  12. PFO says:

    My girlfriend and I don’t watch a lot of TV but we do love MasterChef and Monti/Mairym is arguably our favorite competitor ever.

    We find her humor-as-defense mechanism charming, her fortitude inspiring, and I find her feistiness very familiar to the lady sitting next to me as I type.

    On a more personal note, I root for her partly because she’s a legitimate and humble pro confronted by snobbery. Everything she cooks is well executed but she doesn’t talk about food as though it’s “art” or some nonsense. This seemingly results (as edited for TV of course) in her being spoken down to. She’s simply not upscale enough for the other contestants. The irony is that they’re all just playing the part of the high-end chef but she’s actually putting in the work. I know that feeling well in my own career and I know how it stings. I also know how good it feels to beat the pants off of people who think they’re better than me.

    She’s workmanlike, comically absurd, and the real-deal. Top-five she comes…

  13. Ale says:

    Monti, you are amazing God bless you and your family. I loved whatching you on Master Chef you are an inspiration for all single mothers.

  14. Andrea says:

    In spite of having left the competition at this point. I was rooting for her since day 1 because of her passion and determination. Dois los bendiga a ambos, y espero que cosas grandiosas pasen para ustedes 🙂

  15. Mrs Doughnut* says:

    Huullllooo!! I´m just watching Series 3 of MC US! I love Monti 🙂 I just wanted to know what´s going on with her now, she´s by far the best contestant! ( Ok so I love Christine as well….) Cheers!

  16. Katie H. says:

    I absolutely loved Monti!!!! I was pulling for her! I hope she goes on to do amazing things in life!!!

  17. Jocke says:

    They have just send masterchef here in Sweden when Monti was in the program and me and all my friends who watched all episodes and absolutly loved it and one of our favorite was Monti and we absolutly not think you are fake!! You are real and doesn’t play someone else who you’re not are so we love you Monti!! We crossed our fingers that you would get the trophy but even if you didn’t win you was a winner in our eyes!! So keep fighting for you and your son danger and one day you find your prince and the love again:) your a hot babe so I guess the boys will fight about you!! Kisses and hugs from Jocke in Sweden!

  18. Noreen says:

    Monti was my favorite. Her comments were hilarious! I don’t cook, but I do make Irish Soda Bread a lot from my mother’s recipe. So naturally I would love Monti’s recipe for her soda bread as well as her pizza-stone-roasted carrot soup and her recipe for her Scottish Egg. What the hell is a Scottish egg? My favorite line— “What is fish sauce; and why does it taste like death?”

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